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Current Version of Easy Renko System is version 1.516
Use of currency index charts and how to be able to see dynamic strength and weakness of currency in chart form, to be able to pinpoint which pairs are the most favorable to trade.
Easy Renko System "A Manual Trading System" For Trading Forex, Commodities & Stock Indices.
But the basic and simple fact remains the same, we buy for cheap and we sell for expensive. Its so easy to lose focus and track of what your actually supposed to do when your introduced to so many technologies and tools. It’s easy to forget that you’re a trader and your job is simply buying currency cheap and selling it expensive.
IMPORTANT : It's best to close your trades 30 minutes before High Impact news and then start trading again 30 minute after the news is over.
BOX SIZE FOREX - 15 Pips BOX SIZE Eur/Jpy & Gbp/Jpy - 25 Pips BOX SIZE GOLD - $2.5 BOX SIZE OIL - $0.25
So, from next time you start trading. You need to keep trading perspective in the right direction and always know all the rest are just “Tools” to help better your trading. But they are not to be used as a sole decision maker for making your trades!
Remember Forex is working 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. There are three major sessions in the Forex market every day. 1-> Asian & Australian Session 2-> London & European Session 3-> New York & USA Session.
To Your Success!
This mind-set of traders where the price is too high or where the price is too low keeps changing on a daily basis.
This system just teaches you how to go with the flow, how to follow the crowd where they are going. If you try to go against the crowd, more often than not you may find yourself losing.


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